Meet Our Leathers
Meet Our Leathers

Meet Our Leathers

Types of Leather

The cowhide can be divided into multiple layers, the outermost layer is the first layer of leather, followed by the second layer of leather. Its strength, elasticity and breathability are not as good as the first layer of skin.

How to distinguish leathers
Look: pore, wrinkle
Smell: natural aromasT
ouch: have a beautiful soft and subtle touch

Our Leathers

According to different leather processing methods, the leather will eventually show different textures. We currently have tumbled leather, box calf leather with hand rubbed texture, tree trunk texture calf leather with sponge-composite and embossed leather.

Tumbled leather

Tumbled leather is done by spinning the leather in a machine with countless tiny stones. The tumbling process softens the leather and creates a more evident grain and smooth surface.

Box Calf

Box Calf has a special treatment process, in which the leather could transforms from a beautiful matte to a shiny gloss depending upon lighting. And it offers more stiffness and rigidity than other chrome-tanned leathers.

Calf leather with sponge-composite

The tree trunk texture calf leather with sponge-composite is based on the first layer of calf leather, add a layer of sponge is padding between the calf leather. Because of sponge layer has thinned the suede layer, the thickness of the leather will be thinner than the ordinary leather, but at the same time it provides a softer and curative touch.

Embossed Leather

Embossed leathers are leathers that have been stamped with steel engraved plates. Our embossed leathers are selected from the top layer of cowhide which are suitable for embossing, with elegant and classic crocodile patterns, the best choice for those who enjoy a structured bag.


Suede leather is a velvety leather with a unique feel and look among leather types, it is a fine product appreciated for its quality, appearance and feel. Suede is a type of split leather, is the innermost layer of the hide. We selected calf suede as the raw material, it is slightly thicker than lamb suede and more durable for a long-lasting result.


We only use top layer cowhide leather, which will age beautifully over time and develop a unique lustre. Due to the natural leather‘s features, it has no waterproof layer, so please avoid contact with liquids such as rain, snow, water, cosmetics, chemicals, etc. When not in use, we recommend storing the bag in a warm, dry, dark place, preferably in a dust bag.

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