Brand Story

Brand Story
Songmont was founded in 2013. The founder, Song, spent more than 15 years working with Top 500 enterprises in the world, specializing in User Experience Design.  A 15-inch laptop is her best work partner, but she can’t find a bag that is both stylish and practical.

“Since I can’t find the right bag, why not make one myself?”

Song’s mother happened to be good at sewing, and Song loved designing. They hit it off and quickly produced a beautiful, lightweight and practical computer bag within a week.
 Song’s First Bag
Soon after, the Songmont was established with a small production team of average 60-year-old crafts ladies based in Song’s hometown of Shanxi, the China’s folk handicraft capital. Her mother, Ms. Fu, led this group of women.

From the beginning, “Grannies” has been an indispensable warm element that cannot be ignored in the Songmont brand concept. It was Song’s mother who sewed the first computer bag, and Song’s mother who founded the “Grannies’ Team”, which has been providing Songmont users with the most appropriate and attentive after-sales maintenance services.

Name inspiration

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Song’s name in Chinese character means “Pines under the mountain”, both of which make up the heart of Chinese culture. The brand’s name “Songmont” was inspired accordingly, where “Song” as pinyin stands for “pines” and “mont” represents the Latin word “Mountain”.

Brand concept

For 9 years, Songmont has developed a team which includes creative young designers. Combining both the old and young generation, traditional Chinese handicrafts and modern fashion trends, Songmont conveys a unique eastern culture, aesthetics and femininity through its premium leather goods to its audience.

In the beginning of Songmont, the team was working in an office building, the environment was cramped, and the pace was fast. Song hopes to find a place closer to nature to work.

“The team needs to feel the changes of the four seasons to design the products.”

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In the belief that good experience can bring good design, in the these years, Songmont moved four times until we moved into our current studio, spacious industrial style studio with a small yard with flowers and grass.

SONGMONT’s studio

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